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Monitors and screens for camera systems with PAL / CCIR input.
LO-TFT40 TFT Color monitor with 4 inch screen. PAL input signal for cameras.
LO-TFT 50 TFT Color monitor with 5 inch screen and PAL input . Price about USD 150
LO-TFT 56 TFT Color monitor / 5,6 inch screen. PAL camera input,
LO-TFT 57 TFT Color monitor with 5,7 inch screen and solid design. Price about USD 300
LO-TFT 1040 color screen 10,4 inch. PAL and VGA interface. 12/ 220 volt operation.
LO-TFT 64 Color monitor with 6,4 inch screen. Price about USD 300.
LO-TFT 68 Color screen with 6,8 inch size and PAL camera input. More about 6.8 inch camera monitors and screens
LO-TFT 70 Color monitor for roof top installation. PAL interface
TFT 1210 - IP 67 Rugged industrial monitor with VGA interface only. Membrane key board.
LO-TFT 1330 is a 13,3 inch color monitor with PAL and VGA interface. More
Small 5 inch monitor for cameras. 12 volt DC operation. Price about USD 40
LO-TFT 1210 color screen. PAL and VGA interface for PC and cameras.
Image of a 9 inch MIL spec screen operating from - 60 to + 60 degree. Screen is monochrome orange Price about USD 3000.
  LO-9 MON black and white PAL monitor for cameras. Price about USD 140 / ea.
Plasma screens from 9 inch to 3 x 5 meters These Plasma screens are available in modules which can be assembled into very large screens. Some models are MIL specified.
9 , 12 och 15 inch industrial monitors Rugged industrial monitors in steel cabinet. We have many models
5,6 inch screen as a PC monitor. Here we use a VGA to PAL converter to get them working together. PAL do not cooperate with many PC systems.
Several of the screens are available in roof mounted versions. They are perfect for car applications and back seat TV systems. They are also good when there is very little space for the screen.
VGA to PAL converters. This small converter change the VGA output from a PC system into a PAL signal like most TV systems.

TFTR 64 is a small roof screen.
Wire less video links for PAL signals. We have several models in the 900,1300,1600 and 2400 MHZ RF area. Ranges from 100 meter to over 10 km. More about wire less video communication
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