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Laser systems offered by Laseroptronix
Laser flash lamps This is a speciality by Laseroptronix where we have designed a flash lamp where the bulb is replaced by a laser unit with visible or IR light. The system have found some unique applications where standard lamps are no alternative and small key chain pointers and pencil pointers do not fulfill the demands. This system is rugged and waterproof. The laser system admits a very long range and low power consumption. In combination with goggles this technology gives a possibility to illuminate very large areas with low power consumption. Applications are in the military , search and rescue, fire brigades etc.
More information about laser lamps
Diode pumped Yag lasers with green light We have several designs for OEM use and stand alone systems in the power level up to 2 W at 532 nm and 10 W in IR. We do also have a 2W UV system with tripled vawelength. For OEM we have a series with low prices small modules with prices less USD 200 at volumes. These lasers can give a bright beam far stronger than red lasers and this without getting safety regulation problems. The applications grow dramatically for these lasers and they are replacing red lasers in many areas. More about diode pumped Yag lasers
Laser bullet / laser alignement modules This tiny little bullet have a built in battery and laser module. It is aimed for aligning weapons but have many more application in the alignment area and fixture design. This is the perfect OEM module for designing tools for machine alignment and service. More information about laser bullets. More about alignment lasers and laser sights. Industrial alignement systems for machine alignement etc.
Laser modules with line optics We can offer some laser modules with line optics for integration into systems like laser guide lights at saw mills , alignment systems and patient positioning systems.We offer red , green and blue lasers with powers up to 500 mW in red and 150 mW in Green. Laser modules with line optics. Application ideas Laser systems and solutions for sawmills
Laser modules with telescopes / beam expanders This combination is suitable for long distance operation and admits a smaller beam diameter at long range. We have models with magnifications from 2 X up to 7 X. This combination is used in some of our tunnel lasers for mining applications. Price idea about USD 25 extra to the price of the laser module

Lasers with telescopes. More information

Laser modules with red and IR light. We have a lot of models to chose from. Red from 635 nm to IR at 808 nm. Powers from 1 mW to 5 W. CW models and modulation lasers.

More about laser modules in Swedish

Camera illumination laser systems is a special laser used to increase visibility for surveillance cameras at night time. They can have a fix focus or a motor controlled zoom/ focus. We offer units with power from 40 mW up to 100 W upon request. Units up to 10 W can have a special design making them as class 1 lasers and they are harmless for the eye.
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