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Laser radar systems made by Laseroptronix

Laser radar systems and technology for 3 D measurement and awareness.

Laseroptronix has worked with laser radar systems since over 10 years. There are several designs based on different solutions. All have their unique applications and performance.

Main data sheet laser radar scanners by Laseroptronix group.

LAD WS 100/1500 2D laser radar system

2010 we start to make a new laser radra device for industrial and security applications. here we have a wall mounted system desiged to check an are for changes in 3D and variations in shape. Range can be from 150 meter to 1500 meter with cm accuracy. More about LAD systems.

360 degree rotating laser radar system on left and a scan of a mine tunnel at right side. Pulsed high speed distance meter based unit.
Information about 360 degree scanning laser radar systems
Airborne scanner and laser radar systems .Left side is an airborne terrestrial laser scanner in an aircraft. Right side is a gyro stabilized laser radar systems for helicopters that is always vertically aligned by an INS system.
More about Airborne laser radar applications and altimeters.
Theodelite style special scanners.. Left side a non reflector based system with 1200 meter in range. Center is a cavity laser scanner for measuring in mines and tunnels. Right is a smart small hand held scanner that is scanned manually.
More about theodelite style laser scanner systems
Laser radar systems where scanning angle can be controlled. Left side aa system to find intruders in harbor areas in small boats and when swimming. Right side is a scanner to find cars between the gates at rail road crossings. System can be fail safe.
More about 2D laser radar systems
Ladar system for replacement pof radar suystems and for advanced 2 D applications.Detalied information
Matrix scanners and area scanning systems to make a complete 3D image of objects
Sub sea 3D laser radar systems. Left side Laser Dolphin system. Center is laser Dolphin in a Norwegian fjord tests. Right is the 3D range gated laser camera systems in Baltic tests.
More about Sub sea 3D Laser radar systems
Robotic guidance and laser radar control
More about robotic applications
Radar replacement application with ladar system
About laser radar systems . Links and more information
Ladar systems English summary
Ladar system på Svenska summering av diverse produkter och applikationer
Laser radar related links.
Lidar solutions
Ladar systems in short.
Images done by 2D and 3 D laser radar systems from Laseroptronix group
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