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Return to index page of Laseroptronix Sea Lynx 1000 meter range system at left side and Mini Lynx the 400 meter system at right side. Booth are laser based cameras where laser light is strobed in its flight at the speed of light.

Mini Lynx have a display like an ordinary night vision device. Sea Lynx have a camera PAL output to a monitor

Gated laser camera systems This unique technology delivered by Laseroptronix is based that a laser flash is strobed in its flight at a desired distance range. By high speed electronics it is possible to send a laser flash and only see the objects it hits atv a desired and selected distance range. The result is that the light penetrates bad atmosphere and some obstacles in a far better way than any other camera will do. The selected distance range admits to see in a small area only and then the smaller amount of available information makes it far easier to see objects in this limited area. Night vision devices based on image intensifiers is the alternative and here this active systems is far better in all applications without any exception. It works during the blue hours at evenings and dawns. It penetrates far better. It admits some strong lights in the field of view without any loss in specifications. It can see into dark areas when the normal intensifier is automatically adjusted down in sensitivity as sky is too bright.
SeaLynx system is optimized for marine applications. The range is over 1000 m and the system can operate from 50 meter and up. The illuminated depth is adjustable from 10 meter and up to 350 m. Field of view is 7,5 degree. The operator interface is a monitor. This system is tested in many sites and performs very well. Price idea about USD 35 000 ex pan and tilt unit / Gimbal More about SeaLynx camera PDF File with manual 11 pages NordLynx system is optimized for driving cars and airborne applications. The field of view is 30 degree and the depth of the illuminated zone is 150 to 350 m. The system is in operation is snow tractors in polar regions and is also tested on board helicopters. The system is good in detecting high voltage electric wires . Price idea about USD 35 000

More about NordLynx camera

AquaLynx system is operating under the water surface. The laser source is green at 532 nm. Field of view is 30 - 60 degree and range is adjustable from 1 meter to 100 m The depth of the illuminated zone is adjustable from 30 cm and up. This unique makes it possible to have a view of aa volume over 100 times larger than what a traditional camera can offer. Price idea about USD 90 000- USD 110 000 More about AquaLynx camera
Some ideas about how active laser cameras are used in marine applications. What is the real idea behind gated viewing cameras and how does it look for the operator?

More about this

Marine use of gated camera system with general drawing how it operates . These cameras are hard to understand if this part is nut studied and understood.

More about the way active laser cameras operates in marine applications

MiniLynx SL 210 M gated binocular system This is a small hand held system of the other designs with limited range to about 300 m . Still it have the capabilities of the larger systems. This system have no camera and operator looks directly on the intensifier tube. The system can be set to different ranges and illumination field depths and is very good for marine SAR applications and police related tasks. Price about USD 5000 complete. More about Mini Lynx camera PDF File with technical spec
Gated laser cameras in marine environment for SAR etc. Here we tell more about how it operates and what it do for you

More about gated viewing systems Video recordings from gated cameras. We have some videos of how the system operates and what it do. The appearance is difficult to understand with no living images. Here is a summary over all videos with a short text about the content.

Pls. click for the list of all the videos of laser cameras !

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