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Gated viewing camera sub sea camera systems

  • Gated viewing pulsed laser camera / active television for professional users
  • Capability to see through particles in the water
  • No need for ambient light as the laser gives the needed illumination
  • Increased penetration by factor 2 to 5 compared to alternatives or the eye
  • Possibility to back illuminate objects to see the target as a negative image on a white back
  • Distance to illuminated zone can be set and measured like a distance meter
  • Max range of up to 100 m in good Atlantic water
Gated viewing is the ultimate technology to see under the worst environmental conditions. The technology is not well known as it is military related and they want to keep this out of the public customers knowledge. This technology can easiest be explained that we freeze or strobe a short laser pulse in its flight at speed This pulse and what is illuminated is viewed by an image intensifier where the shutter is controlled with nano-sec. accuracy. The shutter can be opened and controlled precisely. This makes it possible to decide where you want to see and how far away. The depth of the illuminated zone can be controlled. By this technology you can control where you want to see and obstacles out side this area are black and not illuminated. Compare driving a car in heavy snow fall. Lights gives reflexes making you close to blind. Here you can illuminate behind the snow and see objects as negatives which is very comfortable. Aqua Lynx is optimized for submerged applications. Sea Lynx is optimized for marine search and rescue, Nord Lynx is optimized for airborne search and rescue and low altitude flying. This parts of web site contains information about the sub sea gated systems and the applications we can offer. These products are difficult to explain so the professionals operator in the applications areas really understand the advantages. When the systems is showed every one is astonished and impressed.

Images below is in from tests at Barents sea where top left shows a normal image from what is viewed by a ROV camera. Then the sequence shows when we use the gating function to see through the particles in the water and come closer through the barrier of scattering.

Targets at 20 meter distance viewed with the gated system. All these targets was not possible to detect as the water was filled with particles to be able to test the " see through " capability . These targets are detected at 3-5 times the range of what a traditional camera can offer. This makes it possible to observe in a volume up to 100 times larger than what the cameras used today can offer.
Technical parameters in short
  • Operating range 0- 100 m
  • Distance resolution 30 cm
  • Distance accuracy about 1 m
  • Image intensifier generation 2 or 2+
  • Diode pumped Yag laser operating at 532 nm
  • Average output power 1 W
  • Pulse length down to 5 nano sec
  • Image screen CRT 9 or 12 inch monochrome image
  • All parameters can be set from operators panel
  • Increase distance related to image intensifiers up to 4-5 times better
  • Ambient light can be zero level
  • Out put signal CCIR composite video
  • Resolution of the camera 768 x 512 pixels
  • Under water navigation for sub marines and ROV vessels
  • Mine sweeping
  • Under water surveillance
  • Under water mapping and photography
  • Looking for lost objects at sea bottom
  • Detection of attacking divers or remote controlled ROV
Detailed technical description of AquaLynx
Range finding in 3D by gated viewing laser cameras
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Monitor and sensor head for Aqua Lynx under water operating gated viewing laser camera system. The monitor is a standard model . The sensor head have the diode pumped YAG laser integrated together with the image intensifier and its electronics. The laser have a green 532 nm color for best penetration of water. Max range can be up to 100 m in good and clear water. The penetration is increased by about factor 4-5 by the gating compared to what is possible with normal intensifiers and cameras. In good quality of Atlantic water the system can see at over 100 meter in distance. This admits a supervising volume of a ROV can be increased by factor 100 compared to alternative solutions.