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Laseroptronix is a leading supplier of laser distance meters and solutions based on these products. Our staff have over 20 years experience in this matter and have worked in most fields of electro optical measurements. This page is a short summary over the main technologies we use and links to the products belonging to them.
Pulsed laser distance meters

These products works on the time of light in flight principe and are very reliable and robust. These instruments have found many applications and have a very good reputation to work reliable in the most hard environment. Distance range is between 100 meter and up to 10 000 meter. Accuracy is about 5 meter for the long range systems and 1-5 cm on the best short range systems with 400 meter in max distance. Speed can be up to 15 000 measurements per second. The smaller hand held units cost from about USD 300 and up. Photo of the small LDM 600/1000 laser.

Phase measuring laser distance meters These instruments works on the principe of a modulated laser beam and the phase shift corresponding to the measured distance. The phase shift increase linear by the distance. There are a reflex tape based system and a diffuse reflex measuring system needing no preparation of the surface. Distance range is up to 30 meter with the natural reflex and 100 meter for the reflex tape versions. Speed can be slow or very high with a limit of 312 000 measurements per second for a special model. Accuracy is in the area of a 2 mm for the most accurate models and 5 cm for the high speed and low prices models. Prices start at about USD 500 and up to USD 5000-USD 10 000
Laser radar systems based on scanning distance meters

The laser radar ( Ladar ) system is often based on a laser distance meter with a beam which is moved in one or two axis. This gives a depth profile or a two axis 3D model of the scanned surface. Laser radar systems can use any of the different distance meters models we offer and they can be operated in one or two axis depending on demands. Laser radar systems can be fix installed or mobile where we can collect the own position with DGPS and measure in global geographical positions. Laseroptronix offer car operated , airborne and also man carried systems operating over large areas. Option for all of these systems is the 3D camera where we link a photo to the 3D grid model and then we can present a real 3D image. This option is very unique for the systems from Laseroptronix AB. We make laser radar systems based on scanned distance meters . They are available in 2 D or 3D versions. Photo is a 15 000 Hz laser radar working up to 1000 meter in distance with cm tolerance.

Laser radar based alarm sensors for advanced intruder detection in home land security applications. More info.

Summary of laser distance meters

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