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Laserace 1000 pulsed high accuracy laser distance meter

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Applications for Laserace 1000 distance meter

· GIS Data Acquisition
· GPS Offsets
· Stockpile Surveys
· Dredging & Construction
· Hydro graphic Surveys
· Rock Face Profiling
· Land Reclamation
· Measurement of Pylons
· Gradient Measurements
· Agriculture Management
· Cadastral Surveys
· Forestry Management
· Waste Management
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Denna mätare är en kombination av hög noggranhet och kompakt format. Räckvidden på hela 1000 m i kombination med laser i säkerhetsklass 1 gör mätaren speciell. Mätaren arbetar normalt utan prismor eller reflxer men om sådana användes kan mätaren nå uppåt 10 000 m i räckvidd.

Prislappen ligger på ca 85 000 kr ex moms


The LaserAce 1000 is two range finders in one. At the touch of a button, choose between high accuracy distance measurement or excellent long range performance. The LaserAce 1000 can either be handheld or camera tripod mounted and features a pulsed laser range finder and inclinometer which allows the system to measure range and vertical angle up to 10km to an accuracy of 5cm.
The range finder is highly portable , battery powered and Class 1 eye safe. The system can be combined with an optional 128 Kbyte industrial data logger or a handheld Psion.
The system is protected by thick rubber making it ideal for use in harsh environments. Look through 6x30 sighting optics at almost any target and the LaserAce® 1000 emits pulses of eye safe laser light. Distance and inclination are displayed in large, legible digits in the sighting optics, typically in less that a second. A powerful short-range suppression feature facilitates reliable use in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, snowfall, or fog as well as measurements through a window.

Technical specifications LaserAce 1000 laser distance meter
PDF document på Laserace 1000 laseravståndsmätare
Laserace 300 More information 300 m range little brother .
Distance meter with built in inclinometer and compass.

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