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 DME 400 laser distance meter / rangefinder
This system is replaced by LDM 600/1000 system.
  • Palm sized unit small enough for a pocket
  • Pulsed 904 nm laser with safety class 1 = harmless
  • Rugged plastic enclosure in macrolone
  • Delivered with textile bad and belt clips
  • 3 digits LCD display with 1 m resolution between 100 m to 1000 m
  • Under 99 m distance display shows 0,1 m resolution
  • Feet, yard and meter can be selected by operator
  • Built in 9 volts DC standard battery for several hours of operation
  • Range over 1000 meter to a dark gray target and 750 m to a white target
DME 400 is a laser based distance meter with a range of over 400 m to a gray target. If the reflectivity of the target is good the range can be up to 750 m. The accuracy is about 1 m over the complete range. The system use a pulsed IR laser diode of 904 nm in pulse length and the pulse is very short which gives the good accuracy.

DME 400 is mounted inside a plastic cabinet in macrolone plastics and is relatively rugged. Some rain and dirt gives no problems. There is a textile bag for transports and when the meter is inside this bag it is very robust. For applications in fire brigades , military and out door construction work the design gives very few problems.

The laser safety is good as system is classified to class 1 which is equal to not dangerous under any situation. It can be compared with a CD ROM or a laser writer for a PC.

The operation is very simple. Point the instrument to the target and press the button with the finger. Then the red point sight is activated and you place the red spot on target until there is a beep. Then look at the range on the display at the operators panel. It is just that simple.

DME 400 have been used in many applications and the experience is very good. DME 400 is good enough for demanding use but price is not so demanding.

DME 400 have an easy to use red point sight. This is very good when the ambient light is weak and normal crosshairs disappear in the twilight


Price level about 3500 SEK

Safety organizations , firebrigades. police military etc.

Electrical high voltage wired maintenance and service
 Marine applications and nautical navigation


Golf laser for measuring distance on the track to flags and holes

 Big brother in military water proof encapsulation LDM 500

Hypsometer system with inclinometer for horizontal and vertical distances. Smart computerized functions

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