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Camera systems from Laseroptronix
Laseroptronix has become one of the leading suppliers of camera systems in Scandinavia. We have a very broad range of cameras for the most various applications. Some of these products are unique and not offered by anyone else.
CCD camera systems with PAL / CCIR output
Night vision camera systems with or without image intensifier tubes
C-Mos cameras with analogue PAL and CCIR output
Digital C-Mos cameras with computer / digital interface
Optics for most camera systems. C and CS mounts + micro optics
3D measuring ladar / laser radar cameras for 3 D imaging and control
3D active gated laser cameras
Thermal camera systems for 3-12 micron area. Thermovision cameras
Night vision color camera systems.

This is a CCD camera with a very sensitive CCD array and a DSP signal processor. Image quality is enhanced in contrast and improved in sensitivity in a drammatiic way compared to normal camera systems.

Sensitivity makes it possible to uuse larger tele zoom optics and still have sensitivity enough. Focal lenghts up to 2 meter are useable at low levels

Digital J-Peg cameras for internet , satellite and GSM connection
USB camera systems computer cameras
Summary of some camera models in Swedish
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