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 Applications for Laseroptronix products.

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Saw mills
Steel mills  Level control systems Airborne systems
Applications in wood industry with cameras , distance meters and lasers
Laser based systems and distance meters for level control in silos and piles
Applications in steel and metal industry. Dimension control and cameras
Systems and sensors for helicopters and airborne platforms
Search and rescue and peace keeping appl.
Fire brigades
 Geographical and geomatic systems
 Search and rescue
Tellus is our sister comnpany working withj sustainablöe new green applications like LED lamps and power solutions.
Marine , airborne and other applications in SAR / Search / rescue
 Fire brigade applications land based SAR. Thermal systems etc.
Systems for 3 D measuring mapping and geomatiics
Equipment for peace keeping forces and SAR
Airport related applications
Applications for trains and rail road applic.
 Police related applications
Truck related applications
Measuring and detection systems for rail road applications
Mirror cameras and LED illuminations for trucks etc. Communication and GPS
Laser and camera systems for airports
Night vision and camera systems for police appl.
Applications in building and construction sites
Applications in mines and quarry's
 Laser radars for robot navigation
Traffic related systems sensors and applications
Marine applications and systems by Laseropt ronix for professionals and hobby users
Lasers and measuring equipment mining and under ground
3D laser radar systems for intelligent navigation of robots and cars
Lasers and optics for house building
Protectomatic the new TSS total security solution for demanding applications
Laser sights for hunting and other applications. Aiming systems and sights for hunting etc.
Sub sea and under water solutions and technology
Truck related products like mirror cameras and LED lamps
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